See Your Copy Next to Your Ads in Performance Tables

We added ad copy next to your performance tables so you can diagnose which creatives are working, and what's not, faster. Add an ad level table widget to your reports for a side-by-side comparison of winning headline, image, and description combinations. 

Supercharge Your Reporting Tables with More Ad Creative Details

LinkedIn Ads

New Sponsored Content Ad Table Fields:

  • Sponsored Content Text

  • Sponsored Content Image

Note: Want to create hundreds of LinkedIn Sponsored Content variations in minutes? Learn how to get started with our Sponsored Content app here or watch how to sponsor LinkedIn Ads in bulk here.

New LinkedIn Text Ads + Sponsored Content Ad Table Fields:

  • Ad Type (Sponsored Content vs Text Ad)

  • Ad Title

  • Ad Description

Google AdWords

New AdWords Table Field:

  • Ad Description

Facebook Ads

New Facebook Ads Table Fields:

  • Ad Title

  • Ad Description 

Twitter Ads

New Twitter Ads Table Field:

  • Tweet Text

For more granular views of creative performance, go ahead and try adding more details to your ad reports here

P.S. What do you think about more ad level fields in reporting tables? Use the emojis below👇  to let us know.

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