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How do I Upload a Google Sheet to Report?
How do I Upload a Google Sheet to Report?
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Uploaded Table is a Report Widget that allows you to add your own custom data in a table format alongside your other Report widgets.

In addition to CSV files, you can easily add a Google Sheet URL as your source. 

What are some common reasons to use Google Sheet data?

  1. Keep Data Fresh: Your Uploaded Table will always have the most recent data from your Google Sheet.

  2. Advanced Calculations: Show data from custom formulas in your Report Dashboard.

  3. Complimentary Data: Add more meaning to your Dashboard by including data from other sources such as Salesforce. 

How do I set up Google Sheets as the source?

Step 1: Format your sheet data into columns with headers in the first row.

Step 2: Make your data accessible by selecting "On - anyone with the link" from the Link Sharing options. You can also change Access to "Can view". 

Step 3: Copy your Google Sheet URL to use within Report. 

Grab either the URL of the Google Sheet, or the Shareable Link, either will work.
Google Sheet URL:

Shareable Link:

Note: This URL will always return the first tab in the sheet you are viewing.

Step 4: Add your data to the Uploaded Table widget 

  • If you don't already have an Uploaded Table widget, create a new one

  • Select the checkbox for "File is hosted on another website"

  • Paste in your Google Sheets URL from the previous step.

  • Give your widget a title and click Save.

Best Practices & Notes

  • The Uploaded Table widget will only grab data from the first/active sheet. All other tabs will be ignored.

  • The column headers of your table must be in the first row to populate in Report.

  • TSV sheets must be saved as CSV before uploaded to Report.

  • Make sure all cells are filled. Columns with blanks may not load properly.

  • The first cell "A1" - must be filled, or you might see some inconsistencies in your sheet.

  • Merged cells - can cause irregularities in rendering your table. Views might be skewed to showing only one column. Consider breaking your table into multiple upload widgets.

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