Report on Account Group & Folder Performance ๐Ÿ™Œ

You've already grouped your Accounts into Account Groups and organized your campaigns into Folders (awesome!) for cleaner management views. ย 

Now you can bring your Account Groups and Folders into Report!ย 

Quick Note: If you haven't organized your accounts yet, learn how you can get started with grouping campaigns into Folders and using Account Groups.

Add Folders & Account Groups to your Reports to:ย 

1. Easily Group & Report on Similar Accounts and Campaigns

Avoid grueling excel formulas to get clear, visual performance views with campaigns organized by theme, region, or objective

2. Quickly Identify Performance Trends Across Account Groups or Campaign Foldersย 

View your Account Group or Folder metrics in trend lines, comparison charts, tables, etc.

3. Highlight Top Performers within a Specific Folder or Account Groupย 

Breakdown your reports by a single Folder or Account Group or add multiple to compare performance

Need help adding Folders or Account Groups to reports?

Check out these helpful FAQ:ย 

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