Use AdStage for Google Sheets to bring your cross-network data into Google Data Studio.

Step 1: Create a Google Sheet and build a formula with the components you need.

Best practices:

  • Set the entity level to the lowest you may need, for example ads. Then, include the other entities' names so you can roll up data to the different levels.

  • Include Aggregate By Day and the KPI, Date, so you can use time series charts like line charts.

  • Increase the limit so you see more than the default 25 entities.

Example call:
=ads("last 14 days", {"Ad Name", "Ad Group Name", "Campaign Name", "Spend", "Impressions", "Clicks", "Conversions", "Network", "Date"}, {"sort by", "clicks"}, {"aggregate by", "day"}, {"limit", 100})

Step 2: Open a new or existing sheet and click Create New Data Source.
Step 3: Select Google Sheets.
Step 4: Pick the spreadsheet and worksheet in which you built your formula.
Step 5: Create any calculated metrics you'd like, such as CTR and CPA.
Step 6: Add the data source to your sheet and start building!

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