LinkedIn Ads are notoriously difficult to manage at scale due to the lack of efficiency tools given to advertisers. That’s why our partners at created a bulk ad publisher for LinkedIn Ads. It supports both Sponsored Content (both rich media and link sharing) and Text Ads, all within the same sheet.

How does it work?

Step 1: Click “Get Started” on the homepage.

Step 2: Log into (or sign up for) your account.

Step 3: Click the “Bulk Sheet” button, and then click “Bulk Upload Template” to download an Excel file with the fields required to publish ads.

Step 4: Next, start filling out the table with your ad components. Not every ad type will fill out all of the columns, depending on the requirements for the ad type. For example, Rich Media won't have a Headline or Description, as the ad type only calls for an Intro, Image, and URL. Here are the specifics per type:

  • Link Sharing Sponsored Content: fill out the Ad Name, Intro, Headline, Description, Image, and Destination URL
  • Rich Media Sponsored Content (large image ad): fill out the Ad Name, Intro, Image, and Destination URL
  • Video Ads Sponsored Content:  fill out the Ad Name, Intro, Headline, Description, Image, and Destination URL (YouTube video link)
  • Text Ads: fill out the Headline, Description, Image, and Destination URL

Step 5: Next, fill in the Campaign ID field.

  • Find your account’s Sponsored Content campaign names and campaign IDs in the 2nd tab of the spreadsheet
  • Find your account’s Text Ads campaign names and campaign IDs in the 3rd tab of the spreadsheet

Step 6: Change the ad-type column to signal the type of ad unit: (* Case sensitive - make sure this field is all lowercase)

  • sponsored = sponsored content
  • text = text ad

Step 7: Next, save your sheet to your hard drive, and jump back into LinkedIn Ads Bulk Publisher. Then select “Choose File” and locate your saved sheet, click Submit.

Step 8: Finally, review your ads and select Post All when you are ready to publish. Please note that ads will process at the rate of about one every 12 seconds, so be patient for large sheets.

Want more information? Check out our Walkthrough Video.


Account Visibility: In order to see and choose any particular account in the publisher tool, please make sure that all your LinkedIn accounts are "visible" in AdStage?
(Check your accounts' visibility here)

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