Follow these instructions to get started with AdStage's Google Sheet Add On.

Setting up the Add-on

1. To add the Google Sheets AdStage Add-on follow this link. Click +Free in the upper right hand corner.

2. Grant AdStage permissions.

3. Go to any sheet in Google Sheets. Click Add-ons in the toolbar. From there hover over AdStage and click Launch Sidebar.

4. Sign in to continue. If you don't have an AdStage account you can start your free trial here.

5. Once signed in. You'll see documentation in the sidebar. The documentation (and more) is also listed in this article

Start Building Sheets

If you're a Google Sheets wizard, then the documentation should provide enough info to start building powerful reports in Sheets. We've also created a few templates for you to check out if you prefer to get a head start. 

Simply open the template, make your own copy, and start building reports.

Cross Network Reporting Template

A/B Testing Report

Things to Know

  • Not sure what column/metric names to use? Check out our full list of column names. We try to keep things pretty flexible. For example, you don't have to say 'link_clicks', the add on will understand 'Link Clicks' just fine.
  • Looking to report on real-time Facebook data? You can use our Facebook Direct endpoint. More info on setting up direct calls here.

Looking for more? Check out our article going over setting up formulas to see the data you need:

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