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What are Real-Time Widgets?

Real-Time Widgets turn your real-time campaign data into visually striking dashboards with customizable views like group performance by network, compare campaign metric trends over time, and more.

How are we able to do this? With the creation of a new endpoint we are able to make real-time calls to Facebook and Google Analytics. This provides our users with even more insightful data as it happens in real-time. Eventually, we’re hoping to bring this functionality to our other integrations, as well.

In each real-time widget you can customize your settings and filters, allowing you to hone in on the most important KPIs to you, your team, or client.

Where are they found?

They can be found in any report dashboard. If you use one of our template dashboards, a menu of real-time widgets will appear at the bottom below the Standard Widgets.

Facebook Metrics Line Chart

A Facebook Line Chart is a way to display real-time information as a series of data points, in a linear fashion. This chart is ideal to see the progress of any metric over time or any specific time period.

Example: Comparing Reach vs Frequency, at the campaign level, for the last 30 days.

Facebook Metrics Bar Chart

This chart presents grouped real-time data with rectangular bars. Lengths of these bars are proportional to their corresponding values. One axis of the chart shows the specific categories being compared, and the other axis represents a value.

Example:  For a specific date range, see which campaign was more effective for clicks (all)

Check out the other Facebook Real-Time widgets right below the Standard Widgets at the bottom of a dashboard.

Google Analytics (table)

Display your Google Analytics data in organized rows and columns. Tables are best used to keep track of information in terms of quantities and numbers, where usually there is an aggregated total sum or average of data. 

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