There are a few different ways to move and resize widgets to fit your dashboard report aesthetic.

Drag and Drop

You can drag-n-drop any widget, to a select position, throughout the dashboard. When hovering over a widget wait, for your cursor to change to a "drag cursor",

Left click on your mouse and drag the widget to the desired location. It's that easy!

Arranging your Widgets

The "positioning bar" will you appear on the right-hand side of any widget, when you are currently hovering over the widget. You can select four buttons that will move the widget accordingly.  The next icon (>) will allow you to move any widget one position over from its current place. While the skip icon (>|) will allow you to position each widget to the top or bottom of any dashboard.


Resizing Widgets

Change the sizes of your widgets so it fits your dashboard report aesthetic. To change the size of any widget, navigate to the pencil icon of any widget: 

From there look to the "Width" section. There you can select between four sizes: 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and Full Width. Select the desired width and click Save.

Please note - Select Widgets are locked into their current sizes and may not be eligible to adjust. Their locked positions are deemed the best size to visually display data.

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