Here are the instructions for making a bar and line widget in Report:

Step 1: Create a bar or line widget - either will work.

Step 2: In the edit modal, add a second metric to the 'Fields' dropdown.

Step 3: Click Save.

The first metric will populate using the left axis and the original widget type you selected. Alternatively, the second metric in the 'Fields' dropdown will populate using the right axis with the subsequent widget type.

Unsure how to get a metric with what widget type? Here are step by step instructions:

Step 1: Select a widget, bar or line. This particular type will be the first metric in the 'Fields' dropdown.

Step 2: Add in your second metric. The second metric will be the widget, line or bar, you didn't select.

Step 3: Save and see how the first metric corresponds with the initial widget type selected.

Common metrics users like to compare:

  • Impressions vs. Clicks
  • Impressions vs. Spend
  • Impressions vs. CTR
  • Spend vs. CTR
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