With the Ad Creative widget, you can display actual ad visuals (as the ad is seen in the native network), along with selected ad-level metrics.

Which ad types aren't supported?


  • Dynamic Search Ads (DynamicSearchAd)
  • Template Ads (TemplateAd)
  • Responsive Display Ads (ResponsiveDisplayAd)
  • Product Ads (ProductAd)


  • Direct Ads (DirectAd)
  • Sponsored InMails (Sponsored_Inmails)
  • Sponsored Video (Sponsored_Video)


  • Instagram Story


  • Not currently supported

How do I filter out ad types that aren't supported?

Step 1: Jump into the Filter tab.

Step 2: Update 'Filter by Name, ID, or Objective' to Ad Type does not contain DynamicSearchAd, or whatever ad type error you are seeing in the existing widget.

Step 3: Save the widget.

How do I filter out Instagram Story ads?

Step 1: Grab the ad name. 

  • Find the ad name by duplicating the widget and changing the widget type to Table. Copy the ad name
  • Instructions on changing widget types here

Step 2: Jump into the Filter Tab.

Step 3: Update 'Filter by Name, ID, or Objective' to Ad Name does not contain [enter ad name].

Step 4: Save the widget.

Have questions about setting up Ad Creative? Feel free to reach out to us at support@adstage.io.

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