Default data sources are a great way to save time. Here, we'll cover how to set your data sources at the Dashboard level instead of in each individual widget.

What's the advantage of setting a default dashboard level data source?

Setting a dashboard level date range makes it easy for you to set up unique dashboards around a certain set of data. This allows you to move more quickly within the dashboard to analyze your data. For example, if you want to create a dashboard for each client you work with (and you've already set up Account Groups in Integrations), simply select "account group" from the first drop-down box, then choose the group you'd like to build the report for in the second. 

How do I set up a default dashboard level data source?

Step 1: Click "Create Dashboard" in the upper-right hand corner of the page. This will prompt a pop-up window for you to enter your new dashboard information

Step 2: Select your default data source from the drop-down box

Step 3: Take it one step further and select individual data sources from the next drop-down box

Step 4: Click "save"

Now that you've set up a dashboard level default data source, you can quickly set your widgets to your dashboard default.

How do I set every widget to the default dashboard level data source?

Step 1: Find the edit pencil icon for each widget (top right of the widget)

Step 2: Find the dashboard default data source option and select it.

Step 3: Hit "save" 

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