Quickly build a report with ease in our Template Gallery. Our collection of reports were designed by both our experienced AdStage team and advertisers like yourself. We thought of every need, from agency to in-house, and made it accessible in one click. Once a report is created you can edit the report at any time. Having this editable feature ensures that you create a report perfect for your internal team or client.

Template types

*Quickly create a template report with one-click. Click any of the report templates links below. 

Cross-Network Templates

  1. Cross-Network Weekly Summary
  2. Cross-Network Monthly Summary
  3. Cross-Network Last Week Summary
  4. Cross-Network Current Week
  5. Cross-Network Monthly Conversion Summary

Agency Templates

  1. Agency Performance Summary
  2. Agency Weekly with Logo/Markup
  3. Agency Monthly with Logo/Markup

Network-focused Templates


  1. LinkedIn Performance Summary
  2. LinkedIn Conversion Summary
  3. LinkedIn Budget Pacing


  1. AdWords Performance Summary
  2. AdWords Monthly Performance


  1. Twitter Performance Summary
  2. Twitter Tweet Performance


  1. Facebook Performance Summary
  2. Facebook Monthly Performance
  3. Facebook Budget Pacing


Bing Performance Summary

Search & Social Templates

Search Monthly Roundup

Social Weekly Roundup

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