As you might have seen by now, we've added two new Real-Time Report widgets to your dashboard: 

  1. Facebook Metrics Line Chart 
  2. Facebook Metrics Bar Chart 
  3. Facebook Metrics Pie Chart 
  4. Facebook Metrics Progress Widget

Now you can create bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and progress widgets for your Facebook campaign data using breakout metrics like Frequency, Reach, Device, Region and more. 

Real-Time Facebook Metrics Line and Bar Charts allow you to:

  • Create bar and line chart widgets using Facebook data like Demographic, Geographic, Placement, Page
  • Compare objectives like engagement, video views, CTR, and web conversions by segments like Age and Gender, Country, Device, Placement, etc.
  • View campaign reach and frequency by dimension (Gender, Age, Placement, etc.) 
  • Breakdown all metric trends like clicks, conversions, etc. by dimensions 

Where can you find Real-Time Facebook Metrics Line and Bar Charts?

P.S. Want to know the difference between Standard and Real-Time Widgets? Check out our Standard Widgets FAQ and Real-Time Widgets FAQ

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