Name Your LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad Variations

Like the saying goes...ABT - Always Be Testing. To get the most mileage out of your budget, you want to test a variety of headline, description, image, and landing page combinations generate the most conversions or results. 

Now you can name your LinkedIn ad variations or update the URLs in the Ad Scrambler preview window before you publish your creative variations. This means you can easily track what you're testing in each of your ad variations for cleaner management and reporting views. 

Note: Text Ads only support landing page URL changes, not ad name. 

How to Name Your Sponsored Content or Update Landing Page URLS

Step 1: Create a new LinkedIn ad from AdStage Create or LinkedIn Sponsored Content App

Step 2: Select either Status Update, Rich Media Image Update, or Rich Media PDF Update. From there, start filling out the required fields. 

  • Once you add an URL the fields will auto populate from your website's metadata.

Step 3: When you are ready to start building variants click the 'Add Variant' button below the fields. 

  • Adding photos or different destination URLs in AdStage will automatically create different variants of the ad.

Step 4: Click 'Preview' to view all your variants. 

Step 5: From the Preview window, you can edit your Sponsored Content ad name and URL in the fields provided.  

Step 6: Click 'Save & Publish' Button  

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