Introducing Automate Flighting

We're very excited to introduce our latest addition to Automate: Flighting! 

Now you can show campaigns, ad groups, and ads in an ordered sequence to reach your target audience at every buying stage (resulting in higher CTRs and conversion rates🤑 ). 

Top Direct-Response and Brand Awareness Flighting Strategies 

(1) Funnel-Based Storytelling

  • Increase CTR and conversion rates using a specific series of sequenced ads to walk potential customers down the purchase funnel with relevant call-to-actions. 
  • For example start with a brand awareness message (Step 1), product information / value proposition message (Step 2), and finally use a targeted CTA to convert potential customers via signup form or make a purchase on product page.

(2) Prime-and-Remind Storytelling

  • Use different ad formats to both "prime" people with the brand's story using video ads, and "remind" people of the video narrative with display ads. 

(3) Progressive Promotions

  • If you are running a promotion with different percentages off per week, you can flight your ads to show accurately and timely. 
  • Easily schedule specific times to run your first week 10% Off Promo (Step 1), second week 20% Off Promo (Step 2), and third week 30% Off Promo (Step 3).

Set Up Seasonal & Sequencing Flights in Minutes with Templates

Need some help getting started? Find are most frequently used Flights to get you started. Click this link to get Flighting inspiration Flighting Templates

Go ahead and give it a try here or get step-by-step help setting up your first Flighting automation here. 

Happy Optimizing!

P.S. What do you think about the Flighting release? Use the emojis below👇  to let us know your honest feedback. 

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