Applying Existing Targeting and Budget Setting to New Campaigns

Save time creating one-off campaigns for testing or duplicate an ad group as you refresh your creative. Use the Load Settings option to quickly duplicate the targeting and budgets of any existing campaign or ad set. 

Below is a list of support networks with the account level targeting and budget settings you can duplicate

*For Facebook, the ad set level is where budgets and targeting are found.

How to use "Load Settings":

In the example below, we’re going to show you how to apply targeting and budget settings from an existing campaign to a new LinkedIn campaign

1 - Click the "Create" icon either on the sidebar or waypoint.

2 - Select a Network
3 - Select an Account
4 - Choose which Campaign you would like to 'load settings' from*
      *You can only 'load settings' from an existing campaign (ad group) in an account 

Note: Ads will not be duplicated over with the 'load settings' feature, they will only bring over targeting and budgets.

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