While many direct response advertisers have taken advantage of Direct Sponsored Content – due to its ability to easily test ad creative, direct the click through to a web page, and track conversions back to the campaign and ad level – it’s counterpart, Text Ads, often are glossed over. Text Ads can be a powerful driver of new conversion opportunities - let's learn how.

What are the benefits of Text Ads?

  • Lower average CPC and CPM costs than Sponsored Content & DSC ad units
  • Only shown to LinkedIn users on Desktop devices
  • You can test different variations of headlines, body copy, images, and destinations
  • Supported by the LinkedIn Insights tag conversion tracking
  • You can run Sponsored Content & Text ad campaigns together

Easily Duplicate Your Audience Targeting Over to Text Ad Campaigns

Maximize your reach to target companies, prospects, and groups by running SC and Text Ad campaigns together.

When creating a new LinkedIn campaign in AdStage, it’s very easy to duplicate the audience targeting of any Sponsored Content campaign following these simple steps:

(1) Create a new LinkedIn campaign in the Create product

(2) Select your ad account

(3) Click on the "Load Settings From" and select your desired Sponsored Content campaign to duplicate the targeting
(4) Change the "Campaign for" field to "Text Ads Campaign"
(5) Add a new Campaign Name
(6) Click on the "Save and Continue" button

That's it. Now you have successfully duplicated all your Sponsored Content campaign settings over to a Text Ads campaign. Try it for yourself!

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