AdStage supports the following Manual Google ad extensions: Sitelinks, Callout, Call and App. 

Benefit: Adding ad extensions to your ads allows you to highlight an advertiser's special features or services. (ex. App download, Free Shipping) In addition, your ad now occupies more valuable ad space.

Manual ad extensions

Sitelinks - 

Sitelinks are highly recommended as there is no extra cost for these link, they allow people to go directly to the page they want and greatly increase the chances your ad will be clicked. Just be sure to add relevant pages as sitelinks.

(e.g., When advertising for music lessons, include your most popular instrument pages, the teacher bio page and your contact page so visitors can click on the page they’re most interested in).

Callout -

Callout as extensions let you include additional text with your ads. 

(eg., When an advertiser provides 24/7 Customer Support or Free Shipping!)

Call -

Here you can include a phone number to display with your ads.

(e.g., an insurance agent can include their phone number so prospective clients can call to receive a quote.)

App – 

If your business has a mobile or tablet app, you can link to it by using Extensions

(eg., An advertiser created an extension to download an app for a tablet)

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