Occasionally ad accounts fall out of sync in AdStage. This occurs when we lose the connection to the ad account. 

The most common reasons include:

  • A password was changed in the native network
  • Permissions changed 
  • Access was revoked

To clear the error all you need to do is click the Reconnect button in line with the ad account on the Accounts page. 


Step 1: Click your Data Management icon on the  left-hand sidebar and select Accounts. 

Step 2: Either click the Reconnect button next to the ad account or click Connect above the Accounts table.

Step 3: Pick the network of the account in question.

Step 4: From there enter your credentials, accept permissions, and make sure the account in question is selected in the right hand rail. To finish, click Connect Account(s).

Note: It typically takes anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes for the error to clear after reconnecting.

Need more help reconnecting? Navigate here.

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