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How do I rotate my ads based on performance?
How do I rotate my ads based on performance?
Learn how to set up performance-based Rotations
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Rotations are a great way to test out ad creatives, as well as fight of ad fatigue. Rotating ads based on performance is a great way to save money by dropping poorly performing creatives.

How does it work?

With AdStage, you can rotate your ads based time, or whether a KPI meets certain criteria; whichever comes first. 

  • Ex. of the 10 ads I selected, rotate 2 ads every 30 months*, or if impressions are greater than 1,000 and CTR is less than 1%

In the example above, 2 ads would go live at the beginning of the rotation, but if an ad has more than 1,000 impressions and a click through rate of less than 5% before the 2 weeks is up, that ad will be rotated out, and a new ad (of the 10 selected) will be rotated in. 

*Using an extremely long period of time ensures that your ads will only rotate based on your KPI criteria

Setup Instructions:

Step 1: Move through the Rotations flow as you usually would, following steps 1 & 2 found here

Step 2: Set your rotation criteria: 

  • Choose the number of ads you’d like to run at the same time

  • Choose an extremely long amount of time for your time criteria (Ex. 30 months)

  • Choose your KPI criteria for when an ad should be rotated out - to add more than 1 KPI criterion, click the "Add Metric" button

Step 3: Choose what happens when the Rotation completes

Step 4: Fill out the start date and time

Step 5: Finish by naming your rotation and click ‘Save’

Best Practices & Other Notes

We recommend using an impressions qualifier (impressions > x) when rotating by performance to ensure your creatives have enough air time before the system decides they have or haven't hit your main KPI criteria. 

  • For example, we wouldn't want an ad with less than a 5% CTR to be rotated out if it's only had 2 impressions. 

Learn more about Rotations here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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