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What are my options for when my Rotation completes?
What are my options for when my Rotation completes?
Options for what to do when a Rotation ends
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You can choose what happens when we’ve rotated through your chosen list of campaigns, ad groups/sets, or ads. Consider this the hydration your advertising needs to fight fatigue! [insert your favorite sports drink slogan here] 

How does it work?

When you set up a rotation and choose the set of campaigns, ad groups/sets, or ads that you want to be involved in the task. Next, choose your rotation criteria like normal (time, or KPI+time; whichever comes first). 

Then, choose what happens when the rotation cycles through from the options below:

1. Pause All - Pauses all ads. 

2. Rotate From Beginning - Once we've gone through the entire rotation, we'll start with the first ads paused and turn them back on, then simply move down the line in order

  • Ex. You have 6 ads in a rotation, running 2 ads every 2 weeks. Once the rotation finishes, we'll turn the first 2 ads back on, and the rotation will repeat continuously.

3. Continue Last Rotation - This will keep the last ads in the rotation on

  • Ex. If you have 3 ad sets in a rotation, rotating 1 every week, we’ll keep the last ad set running once week 3 is finished. 

Read more about Rotations here or head over to Automate and set up your Rotations now! 

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