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Paste Any Google Sheets URL to Add Custom Tables to Your Reports 🔗
Paste Any Google Sheets URL to Add Custom Tables to Your Reports 🔗
Learn how to add custom data tables with Google Sheets URLs for a 360° view of campaign performance!
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Google Sheets URL Table Uploads

Now you can quickly add any Google Sheets table by simply pasting the URL into the URL field using the Table Upload widget.

New URL table uploads gives you the flexibility to compare ad performance data with your CRM, marketing automation tools or any third party data in one report.

For example, you can include metrics such as email, organic, event, and sales data to round out your ad campaign reports.

How to Get Started with Google Sheets URL Table Uploads

(1) Select the 'Table Upload' widget in any existing or new report dashboard.

(2) Copy/Paste a Shareable Google Sheets link in the provided field

  • NOTE: To add performance tables using a Google Sheets URL, make sure your share settings are set to "anyone with this link can view".  

(3) Click 'Save' and you're all set!

Go ahead and give it a try here or learn how to get started with URL table uploads here.

P.S. What do you think about URL table uploads in Report? Use the emojis below👇  to let us know.

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