Uploaded Table is a Report Widget that allows you to add your own custom data in a table format alongside your other Report widgets. You can use CSVs and Google Sheets as your sources. More on the specifics of using a Google Sheet here.

What are some common reasons to use external data?

  1. Advanced Calculations: Show data from custom formulas in your Report Dashboard.

  2. Complementary Data: Add more meaning to your Dashboard by including data from other sources such as Salesforce. 

How do I set up an Uploaded Table?

Step 1: Format your data in the first tab with columns with headers in the first row. If you have any extra rows at the top of your sheet it won't be properly formatted in Report.

Step 2: Save your work as a CSV.

Step 3:
Either drag your file to a Report dashboard, or select your file by choosing the Uploaded Table widget.

Step 4:
Voila! You've now added custom data to Report. 

Best Practices & Notes

  • The Uploaded Table widget will only grab data from the first/active sheet. All other tabs will be ignored.

  • The column headers of your table must be in the first row to populate in Report.

  • TSV sheets must be saved as CSV before uploaded to Report.

  • Make sure all cells are filled. Columns with blanks may not load properly.

  • The first cell "A1" - must be filled, or you might see some inconsistencies in your sheet.

  • Looking to join outside conversion data back to the paid data it came from? Check out AdStage Join.

Have questions about getting started with Report? Feel free to reach out to us at support@adstage.io.

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