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How do I use Facebook Direct in Automate (beta)?
How do I use Facebook Direct in Automate (beta)?
Automate tasks types can now pull performance data from Facebook in Real-time with Facebook Direct
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Facebook Direct Metrics are not new to AdStage, users have been able to pull real-time metrics into Report dashboards for quite some time. Now, we are bringing Facebook Direct metrics into Automate so Alerts, Rules, Rotations, etc. are running off of the freshest data possible. In this article, we'll cover how to use Facebook Direct in Automate.

How does it work?

Facebook Direct functionality won't drastically change any workflows in Automate, it simply adds Facebook-specific metrics options (i.e. reach and frequency) to the lineup, as well as pulls data immediately from Facebook. This will make your tasks run on the most accurate data possible. When scheduling a task, the quickest cadence we recommend is 1-2 hours.

What are some common ways to use Facebook Direct in Automate?

  1. Automate Based on Reach and Frequency:  Ex: Alert me when frequency > 2

  2. Intra-day Rules:  Set your Rules to run more often, making sure you don't miss a beat. Ex: Pause ads as soon as CPA becomes too high

How do I set up a task with Facebook Direct?

Step 1: Log into AdStage, go to Automate, and pick either Alerts, Rules, Bulk Actions, Rotations

Step 2: In the Networks panel, choose "Facebook Direct",  and select associated accounts, campaigns, etc. to work with

Step 3:  Choose your metrics (here you'll see Facebook-specific metrics)

Step 4: Complete the task creation flow as usual

  • for tasks with a "Schedule" step, you can set the cadence to as frequent as 1 hour, unlike the other networks

Best Practices & Other Notes

  • Facebook Direct allows you to use data from up to the past 90 days for your task criteria

  • If you need to pause or enable campaigns, etc. that are included in direct tasks, it's best to do so in AdStage. If this setting is changed in Facebook native, it will take until your next sync for AdStage to recognize the new status

  • Facebook Direct tasks are limited to 1 ad account per task

  • Facebook Direct metric criteria cannot be used for other networks and does not include custom conversion data

Have questions about getting started with Facebook Direct Automate tasks? Feel free to reach out to us at

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