Yes! You can choose to refine your Alerts, Rules, and Bulk Actions to include or exclude specific LinkedIn ads by ad name, headline, and description text. 

Designed for: LinkedIn advertisers 

Benefits:  Target your sponsored content in bulk to easily include/exclude them in new or existing tasks. Monitor your Ad's progress with Alerts or optimize them with Rules and Bulk Actions at scale. 

How to Add Ad Name, Headline, or Description to Your Alerts, Rules and Bulk Actions:

0 ) In Automate, select the optimization task you'd like to create:

1 ) Click 'Create [Selected Task]'  and Select the Ad level 

2 ) Choose the Networks (ex: LinkedIn)

3 ) In the IF section: select Ad Name, Headline, or Description

  • you can choose to include or exclude ads based on ad name, headline, or description text by selecting 'Contains' or 'Does not Contain' in the dropdown.

4 ) Choose the action(s) you'd like the Rule or Bulk Action to perform on your ads once the selected conditions are met (ex: pause or enable ads)

5 ) Schedule when this automation should run (ex: run rule every Sunday at 12am PST)

6 ) Choose from the following notification options:

  • Email for Approval

  • Run & Email Results 

  • Run & Email Errors Only

  • No Notifications

7 ) Finish and Apply

For Alerts and Rules, you can choose to Preview or Launch 

For Bulk Actions, you can choose to Preview or Save

Note: you can use Ad Name, Headline, and Description as conditions in Alerts, Bulk Actions, and Rules (not supported in Scheduling and Rotations).  

What's Next?

Need some inspiration to get started with ad names, headlines, or descriptions?

Or if you're ready to dive right in, head over to Automate to start optimizing your LinkedIn ad performance!

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