Keep your creatives fresh and test ad variations to improve ad performance with Automate Rotations

We’ve added new Rotations templates to help you more easily cycle through ad creative; or test campaign targeting to find your top performers across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, and Bing. 


  1. Fight LinkedIn Post Fatigue 

  2. Find Best Converting Sponsored Updates 

  3. Test LinkedIn Audience Targeting Variations 


  1. Keep Facebook Creatives Fresh 

  2. Find Your Best Converting Facebook Ad Based on CTR

  3. Find Your Top Facebook Ads Based on Results 

  4. Test Ad Set Targeting Based on Results 

  5. Test Ad Set 

  1. Keep Google Ads Ads Fresh, Rotate 3 Ads Weekly

  2. Customize Your Google Ads Test 

  3. Find Ad Groups with the Lowest CPA


  1. Rotate Twitter Ad Groups based on Impressions and Results

  2. Rotate Twitter Ad Groups based on Spend and CTR


  1. Find Best Converting Bing Ad

  2. Find Ad Groups with the Lowest CPA

Go ahead and give the new Rotations templates a try

Have questions about getting started with Rotations? Visit our Help Center or read up on this helpful Rotations FAQ here.

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