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Can I edit a Rotation?
Can I edit a Rotation?
There are a few ways to edit a Rotation
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Can I remove ads from a rotation?

Yes. Only ads that have yet to run can be removed. 

Can I change the number of ads in a rotation?

Yes, it will be applied to the NEXT rotation. It will not be applied immediately. 

Can I add more ads to a rotation? 

Yes, but make sure they are paused before added to the rotation. As it stands, the ads will be added to the rotation in whatever status they are in when added. Meaning, if active ads are added they will continue to run.

How can I tell what ads are on?

You can always check Manage to see what ads are active, but within the rotation, you can check by opening up the entity selector and checking the color of the name of the ads. The active ads will be shown as gray in the entity selector.

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