What's New in AdStage: May 🎉
New table upload widget brings all your PPC data into one report, support for dashboard level report settings, Automate Flighting and more!
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Welcome to the May edition of What’s New in AdStage! We spent the last month building a ton of feature enhancements in Report and Automate.

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest in Report and Automate below👇.


Custom Table Upload Widget

Take any excel, csv, or google sheets data table you have and upload it directly to Report!

Use a Custom Table Upload to: 

(1) Measure Return on Ad Spend by Opportunities Closed

  • Drop in your monthly opportunity and revenue reports from Salesforce into your cross-channel reporting views.

(2) Track Top-of-Funnel Conversion Trends

  • Pull a campaign level performance report from your marketing automation system to see the landing pages or content driving the most conversions from your campaigns.

(3) Get a 360º View of Cross-Channel Top Performers 

  • Add in metrics from other channels, such as email, event, or organic social performance data.

(4) Add Custom Tables with Google Sheets 

  • Customize your reporting views using Google Sheets to show data from your custom formulas. When uploading a table from Google Sheets, you'll always have the most recent data - no need to worry about data accuracy problems 🙌 .

Set Default Data Source at the Dashboard Level

Now you can choose to view data from specific account groups, accounts, folders, campaigns, ad groups, or ads at the dashboard level by setting a ‘Data Source’.

The data source you select in the dashboard settings, will now be the default level for any newly created widget.

New Widget Creation Layout

With the ability to choose data sources at the dashboard level, we've also introduced a cleaner, more intuitive way to filter down to the data sources you want to see. 

The widget fields now have natural language making it easier to understand exactly which account groups, accounts, folders, campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords are most effective. 

Example of New Widget Creation Flow 

  • Show me = Campaigns 

  • From the Following = Account Groups

  • Account Group = Real Marketing Accounts

What does this mean for your reporting views?

(1) More Data Flexibility

  • You can now choose to breakdown performance data by any level of your ad account to uncover deeper KPI insights from your reports. 

(2) More Granular Account Group and Folder Reports

  • Now you can get an even more granular view of campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword performance within a specific Account Group or Folder   for cleaner management and reporting views.  

Add Headline, Image, and Description Columns to Ad Tables

We added the ability to see ad creative next to performance metrics,  so you can diagnose which creatives are working, and what’s not, faster.

Add an ad level table widget to your reports for a side-by-side comparison of winning headline, image, and description combinations.


Sequence Ads Together with New Flighting Feature

Now you can show campaigns, ad groups, and ads in an ordered sequence to reach your target audience at every buying stage (resulting in higher CTRs and conversion rates🤑 ).

Have questions about Flighting? 

Check out the full product update for getting started tips and Flighting templates!

Convert Performance Alerts into Optimization Rules with Just One-Click

Now you can easily convert your existing alerts into rules to automate the same actions you’re already taking on your accounts after you receive an email notification.

Your converted rule will have the same conditions as your alert, but now you can specify an optimization condition to apply once the rule is triggered. In other words, you can save yourself a ton of time on performing tedious management tasks.

Common Alert → Rule to Save Time & Boost Result

1. Avoid Wasting Spend on High CPA Ad Sets

  • IF Cost Per Result > $100 AND Spend > $250

  • Using Data from Last 30 Days

  • THEN Pause Ad Set

  • Run Every 6 Hours

  • RUN & EMAIL results

2. Pause Low Performing CTR Ads

  • IF Status is Active AND Impressions > 5000 AND CTR < .05%

  • Using Data from Last 7 Days

  • THEN Pause AD

  • Run Every Monday at 10am PST

  • RUN & EMAIL results

3. Maximize Your Daily Budget

  • IF Spend < $15

  • Using Data from Today

  • THEN Increase Bid Amount by 30% with Max. Bid = $10

  • Run Daily @ 2pm PST

  • RUN & EMAIL results


We always love hearing from you! Use the emojis below👇  to let us know what you think about the May product updates.

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