Targeting Direct Sponsored Content & Text Ads in Automate

Now you can use your ads’ name, headline, and description to run optimizations across your LinkedIn Text Ads and Direct Sponsored Content ads!

You can target specific LinkedIn ads to: 

1. Pause High CPA Ad Creatives 

Create a rule to automatically pause high cost per conversion ads using the description text in your creatives. 

  • Rule: IF Cost Per Conversion > $90 AND Description contains “15% Off Annual Plans” THEN pause ads.

2. Uncover Top Performing Ad Variations

Set an alert to reveal the best performing ad variations promoting your new Whitepaper.

  • Alert: If Ad Name contains “LinkedIn Whitepaper” and CTR is above 2%, send me an email.

3. Pause Poor Performing Headlines 

Run a one-time Bulk Action to save yourself time pausing hundreds of LinkedIn ads in just one-click. 

  • Bulk Action: PAUSE all LinkedIn ads where Ad Headline contains “LinkedIn Ads Bulk Editor” 

How to add Ad Name, Headline, or Description in Automate:

In Automate, select the optimization task you'd like to create:

In the IF section: select Ad Name, Headline, or Description

Note: you can use Ad Name, Headline, and Description conditions in Alerts, Rules, and Bulk Actions (not supported in Scheduling and Rotations).  

Go ahead and give it a try! Or visit this helpful FAQ to learn more about using ad names, headlines, and descriptions in Automate. 

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