Keyword Reports never looked so good ๐Ÿ˜Ž !

Keyword tables, charts, and more are now available in Report!ย 

Keyword reports allow you to:ย 

  • Easily monitor quality score, CPC, & conversions with detailed keyword tables

  • Compare total conversions to cost per conversion trendsย 

  • Quickly identify drastic CTR or cost changes to any of your keywordsย 

How to add Keywords to your reports:

  1. Create a new widget or edit an existing table, bar/line chart, summary, or progress bar

  2. Choose 'Keyword' in the Entity Level field

  3. Optional: add Quality Score, Match Type, Keyword Text, and Average Position in the 'Fields' field.

Go ahead and give Keyword reports a try, let us know what you think :)!

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