'Account Groups' is our ad account level organizational tool. This is a great way to group ad accounts (cross-network) into one organized place. When you use Account Groups in Report, you can bring one or more groups into any widget. This enables you to easily view ad account level data in a unique custom view.

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Designed for: Agencies or advertisers working with multiple clients.

Benefits:  Easily keep your data organized in single-client views. Ensure that you won't trip over any unnecessary data while making your client analysis more efficient.

How to use Account Groups in Report

Step 1: Start a new widget or edit a current widget.

Step 2: Set the Entity Level to Account Groups.

Step 3: A new field will populate below. Select one, or multiple Account Groups

Best Practices & Other Notes

  • Account Groups functions at the account level, where ad accounts will be aggregated together in a single group.  Thus, Report will display the Account Name for each account group(s) selected.

  • Per Widget - Make sure to add the correct Field to your widget. For Account Groups, make sure that you have Account Name in your field. 

  • You can include more than one Account Group in a widget.

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