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What are Direct Widgets?
What are Direct Widgets?
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What are Direct Widgets?

Direct Widgets pull campaign data directly from the ad networks to include the most recent data, as well as some network-specific metrics not available in cross-network widgets like reach and frequency for Facebook or video metrics for Google Ads.

How is this possible? With the creation of a new endpoint, we are able to make real-time calls to Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, and more. Eventually, we’re hoping to bring this functionality to other areas of AdStage, as well.

Where are they found?

They can be found in the right-hand side pane below the AdStage Custom Widgets. Direct Widgets are available for Google Ads, Facebook, and Google Analytics, Yahoo Gemini, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Click here for a breakdown of all the different types of widgets in Report.

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