Get Data From Seven Ad Networks All From One API

Multiple products here at AdStage are built on the AdStage Data API. We are now making the API available for our Enterprise customers who wish to use our API to get advertising data from the major ad networks: Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo Gemini.

Reach out to our Customer Success team at to Learn More! 

Add Custom Conversion Data via API

Do you have conversion data living in another platform, spreadsheet or tool and have been marrying the data and then adding it to a report? With AdStage Custom Conversions you can add your Conversion data to the AdStage Data API. Once added, the Conversion data can then be used in automated reports, rules, alerts and more!  

(API Integration too technical? Try our Google Sheets Add-on to quickly get data out of AdStage with zero development time) 

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