What's New in Automate: February
Rotate Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads Based on Performance, Optimize for Your Custom Conversion Data and more!
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We’re kicking off February with some pretty awesome product announcements. We rolled out a simple way to automatically rotate ads based on metrics, make campaign optimizations using custom conversion data, and more!

Read up on all the latest and greatest February Automate releases below👇. 

New Features

Rotate Campaigns, Ad Set/Ad Groups, and Ads Based on Time or Performance Metrics

We’re very excited to announce the newest Automate feature, Rotations!

Automatically update creative or test ad variations to ensure your creatives don’t get stale.

To get started, simply choose the set of campaigns, ad groups or ads you wish to cycle, then select the conditions you want to trigger the rotation.

Some common ways to use Rotations:

  1. Keep Creatives Fresh: Rotate your ads every week to save your target audience from seeing too many impressions of the same ad creative.

  2. Drop Poor Performers: Rotate ads out once they have 30,000 impressions and their CTR has dropped below your target.

  3. Test Targeting: Rotate between multiple LinkedIn campaigns, Facebook ad sets or Twitter cards to test the impact of using different targeting techniques.

Helpful FAQs

Apply Changes to Your Campaigns Based on Custom Conversion Metrics

We’ve added support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and AdStage Custom Conversions metrics to Automate, so you can optimize campaigns to your internal business metrics like revenue.

Create optimization rules or alerts based on your own uploaded data such as custom conversion count, value, rate, ROAS or cost per value to drive more revenue.

Some common ways to use Custom Conversions in Automate:

  1. Monitor KPIs for Acquiring New Leads: Create an ad set alert that fires when Cost Per [Demo Requested] >$50 AND [Demo Requested] > 10.

  2. Test Ad Creative: Create an ad rotation that rotates when [Webinar Sign-Up] > 20

  3. Hit the Gas on High Returning Campaigns: Create a rule that raises the campaign budget by $10 up to $100 when the [Purchased Product A] ROAS > 50% AND [Purchased Product A] Spend >$100

  4. Take Advantage of High Performers: Create an Ad rule that raises the bid by 10% when when the [Trial Sign-Up] Rate is > 10% and [Trial Sign-Up] Impressions >1000

Helpful FAQs

Browse and Apply Pre-Built Alerts, Bulk Actions, Rules, Schedules, Rotations and more!

We’ve added a new section to Automate called Templates.

Templates feature a gallery of pre-built email alerts and optimization rules made directly from top advertisers for advertisers which can be edited and applied quickly to your accounts.

Getting Started with Templates

  1. Click ‘Templates’ tab from the Automate top bar

  2. Browse the gallery and select the best template

  3. Preview and/or customize the template to your liking

  4. Apply it to your selected accounts, campaigns, ad group/sets, or ad creative

Add IF/THEN Columns to See All of Your Automation Together

When viewing your list of Alerts, Bulk Actions, Rotations, Rules and Scheduling, add IF/THEN columns from the column selector to see the conditions and actions associated with your optimization rules. 

Other Enhancements

✅  Improved Action Log when viewing 'Before' and 'After' changes.

✅  Updated the Business/Dayparting Schedule to show only one time range, instead of individual time ranges for each day of the week.

✅  Choose a Rotations by Metric Template from the Templates gallery.

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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