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How do I bring my Facebook Ads data into Google Sheets?
How do I bring my Facebook Ads data into Google Sheets?
Use AdStage for Google Sheets to bring your Facebook performance data into Google Sheets
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Many marketers like to visualize their Facebook ad data in Google Sheets. Without the limitations of Ads Manager, marketers can build pacing spend trackers and perform in-depth analysis. 

AdStage built a Google Sheets add-on to bring Facebook and many other channel data like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads, Bing, Amazon Advertising, Pinterest, and Quora into Google Sheets. 

How to use AdStage for Google Sheets to bring Facebook data into Google Sheets:

Step 1: If you haven't already, kick off a trial to AdStage. Once you connect your Facebook ad account(s) AdStage will start syncing in your paid data. 

Step 3: Make sure the add-on is added to the document by accessing the Manage Add-ons menu. Looks like this:

Step 4: Open up the side bar by clicking Add-ons > AdStage > Launch Sidebar.

Step 5: Copy and paste an example formula from the sidebar or use the one below. See your Facebook data pull through!

=campaigns("last 7 days", {"name", "network", "spend", "clicks", "impressions"}, {"sort by", "spend"}, {"networks", "facebook"})

Step 6: Start customizing! Find other parameters to add in the side pane and in this help center article

Try adding {"aggregate by", "day"} or {"filters", "campaign name ~ lead"}.

Looking to learn more about AdStage for Google Sheets? Reach out to the team at

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