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What do I get with my AdStage 14-day free trial?
What do I get with my AdStage 14-day free trial?
Learn the features you get with our 14-day free trial
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Below are all the features that are available to you with your AdStage 14-day free trial.


  • 10 Ad Accounts from any of the supported ad networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, Twitter, and Bing)

  • Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and Yahoo Gemini Integrations

  • Full access to AdStage Manage, Automate, and Report

  • We'll import your last 3 months of data from you ad accounts

  • Create an unlimited number of Automate Alerts, Rules, Schedules, and Bulk Edits to run across your accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords

  • Build and schedule unlimited Report dashboards 

  • Book your personalized AdStage training session

  • Chat with our friendly customer success team

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