What's New in AdStage - February 2020
New Features in Report and Sheets
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AdStage Report

Visual Updates to the Report Dashboard and PDF

We made a handful of design changes to improve the visual aspect of the dashboards and PDFs. We removed excess whitespace at the bottom of some widgets, made the chart hover easier to read, made some fonts darker, and improved the page break behavior on PDFs. 

More Options for Viewing Quarterly Data

Looking to produce quarterly reports? Now you have many options to display data in quarterly slices.  

Custom to Today/Yesterday

Did you make a change to your paid campaigns and you want to start reporting from that date? Now you can start your reporting date range with a custom date and have it pull data up to and including today or yesterday. 

Compare to a Custom Range  

Congrats, you survived the marketing holiday season! During the last few months we heard marketers wanted the ability to better define their comparison windows to accommodate the atypical behavior from the holidays. We added the ability to compare your date range against any custom time range to give you more flexibility. 

Smart Text Widget (Prototype) 

Users told us they spent too much time copying and pasting basic metrics into text summaries. Last month we threw together a prototype of a “Smart Text Widget” to see how useful it would be to add any metric by simply typing it out in {curly braces}. Let us know if you’d like us to enable this prototype feature in your account! 

Campaign and Ad Set/Group Start Dates and Budget

When trying to measure and communicate performance it can be very helpful to expose start dates and budgets for your campaigns, ad groups, or ad sets. We’ve added these new columns to our Cross Network tables. 

AdStage for Google Sheets

Smarter Manual Refresh

When using the AdStage for Google Sheets Add-on, hitting the Refresh button will now only refresh AdStage formulas. In the past we would refresh all the formulas on the Sheets. Since some of you Sheets wizards have very complex sheets, that could take quite a while. 

Scheduled Refresh (beta)

By default, your AdStage Sheet formula is only refreshed when you login and change a formula or manually select the AdStage Refresh button. This can be a real pain in the butt if you rely on Sheets to feed data into other systems and tools. We now have a beta feature which allows our Customer Success team to set your AdStage Sheets’ formulas to refresh daily at 3:00am in your local time. Please contact us to enable this beta feature! 

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