In AdStage, Instagram's data is found within Facebook accounts. The fastest way to split out your data is by using AdStage's Direct Widgets. From there you'll be able to see clearly your aggregated Instagram data. 

What are Direct Widgets? (learn more)

Follow these steps:

1. In Report, find the Facebook Direct Widgets in the widget menu. 

2. Select a type of widget. Choose a widget that will allow you to visualize your data the way you want.
3. Select your Facebook Account
4. Under Dimensions, choose Publisher Platform

5. Click Save

Best Practices & Other Notes

  • Pro tip: Notice that there are other Dimensions that include Publisher Platform. Find even more useful insights in those Dimensions

  • Messenger data: Messenger data can also be found when you choose the Publisher Platform Dimension

  • Experiment with widget types! There are 8 ways to visualize your data. Find the one that perfectly tells your paid advertising story.

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