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Quick Start Guide - Step 6: AdStage for Google Sheets
Quick Start Guide - Step 6: AdStage for Google Sheets
Step 6- Set up and learn how to use AdStage's add-on for Google Sheets
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Introduction to AdStage for Google Sheets

Use AdStage's Sheets add-on to bring your AdStage data into Sheets, from supported networks such as Google, Facebook, Amazon Advertising, Pinterest, and more.

Getting started is simple:

Step 1: You should have already connected your ad accounts in Step 1 of this quick start guide, but if you haven't yet, feel free to connect your ad accounts
Step 2: Install the add-on
Step 3: Open Google Sheets
Step 4: Launch the add-on by clicking "Add-ons" in the top navigation. Then, sign in

Step 5: Write your first formula! Or copy+paste the following sample formula to see how your accounts are performing grouped by network:

=accounts("last month", {"date","spend","impressions", "clicks", "ctr", "cpc"},{"group_by","network"})

Step 6: Check out the other sample formulas in the sidebar and get customizing!

Common use cases: 

  • Pull data into google sheets to build cross-network reports. Check out our template to get started with a reporting view.

  • Run tests and analyze the outcomes in Google Sheets where you have full control to manipulate the data how you’d like. Check out our duplicable framework to get started.

  • Do you stay on top of spend and KPI pacing in Google Sheets or Excel? Use the add-on to bring in your cross-network data automatically for your finance and accounting teams- no need to export from the different networks and compile!

  • Share your data- give others access to your reports.

Check out our AdStage for Google Sheets support articles to learn more about writing formulas, troubleshooting common errors,  best practices for sheets, and more.

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