What's New in AdStage - November 2019 🦃
Introducing Live View, New Pacing Widgets, Expanded Ad Creative Widget Capability, and more!
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Send a shareable link that clients can bookmark and refresh to see updated data on demand! Click the lightning bolt at the top of your dashboard to open up the live view.

Track and Forecast Your Performance with the New Pacing & Pacing Timeseries Widgets

Ensure you hit your goals with AdStage's Pacing and Pacing Time Series widgets (in beta). Build monitoring dashboards to help keep on track of how you're spending and progressing towards your KPI goals. Learn how here!

New Networks and up to 30 Creatives in the Ad Creative widget

We heard our customers when they said 6 ads in the Ad Creative widget wasn't enough- we're excited to now support up to 30 previews in 1 widget.

We're also pleased to announce support for:

  • YouTube Ads

  • Bing Ads

  • Facebook collection ads

  • LinkedIn Inmail ads

  • Full headlines and descriptions for Google expanded text ads

  • Interactive support - video ads are now playable within the widget

  • Interactive support - carousel ads can now be flipped through

New Networks and Calculated Metrics added to AdStage for Google Sheets

AdStage's Google Sheets Add-on now supports our newest integrations, Amazon Advertising, Pinterest, Quora, and YouTube. Check out the Metrics and Metadata sheet to find what KPIs the new networks support. Additionally, the sidebar has been updated to include more examples and explanations to help you get started.

With these latest updates we also added support for AdStage's Calculated Metrics in AdStage for Google Sheets. Combine and alter KPIs as you please, then pull them into Google Sheets by adding in the calculated metric ID into this string: calculated_metric:IDHERE

Having trouble getting the new integrations or calculated metrics in AdStage for Google Sheets? Be sure to log out and log back in through the add-on sidebar.

New Metrics & Metadata

New metrics and metadata available in AdStage include:

LinkedIn Inmail & Video Ads Metadata:

  • Ad name

  • Ad title

  • URL

LinkedIn Video Ads metrics:

  • Video Content Starts

  • Video Total Views

  • Video Views 25, Video Views 50, Video Views 75, and Video Views 100

Facebook Metrics:

  • Landing Page Views (cross-network)

  • Cost per Purchase (direct)

  • Landing Page Views (direct)

  • Cost per Landing Page Views (direct)

  • Unique Landing Page Views (direct)

  • Cost per Unique Landing Page View (direct)

Facebook Direct Dimensions:

  • Age 

  • Placement

Google Direct Metrics:

  • Impr. (Abs. Top) %

  • Impr. (Top) %

Stay in the Loop

Keep an eye out for product updates when you login to AdStage. Simply click the bell icon to see what’s new and visit our Product Updates page in the Help Center. 

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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