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NEW: How do I stay on pace with AdStage's pacing widgets?
NEW: How do I stay on pace with AdStage's pacing widgets?
Use AdStage's pacing and pacing time series widgets to stay on top of budgets and KPI monitoring
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Ensure you hit your goals with AdStage's Pacing and Pacing Time Series widgets. Build monitoring dashboards to help keep on track of how you're spending and progressing towards your KPI goals.

How does it work?

AdStage's Pacing widget calculates how far you are toward your goal based on your current performance and the remaining days left in the selected timeframe. The widget decides the color, green, yellow, red, based on the percent thresholds entered in widget setup.

The Pacing Time Series widget forecasts where your performance will be at the end of the time frame based on how much has been accomplished in the existing time frame. It assumes performance will continue on at the average pace of what has taken place so far.

What are some common ways to use the pacing solution?

Monitor total budgets across networks: Working with a total budget across search and social? View all performance data in one pacing widget.

Break out goals by ad type: Have different goals for search vs display? Break out your data by segment to track progress to each goal.

Measure progress to major KPIs goals like conversions: Have a conversion goal? Stay up to date on progress by knowing if you are 'in the green' on the way toward your goal.

Forecast spend and other KPIs to know when to make changes: Use the time series widget to forecast where your performance will be by the end of the time period. Update bids and budgets to ensure you hit your goals.

How do I set up the pacing widgets?

Step 1: Click the Pacing widget in the widget builder. Set the settings and filter tab to include exactly what you want to track in the widget, whether it be cross-network or specific campaigns. 

Step 2: Input your goal and click Save.

  • Pro tip: Set the width to 1/2 to pair nicely with the Pacing Time Series widget.

Step 3: Jump back to the widget builder and select the Pacing Time Series widget. Adjust the settings and filters and add in your goal.

  • Pro tip: Duplicate your Pacing widget and switch the widget type from Pacing to Pacing Time Series to save time filtering.

Step 4: Analyze the pacing view, do the red/yellow/green settings fit your strategy regarding what's on or off pace? Use the time series widget to forecast what your performance will look like at the end of the selected time period. Edit the Pacing widget and update the percents until it matches an acceptable forecast.

Step 5: Build table widgets to supplement your pacing widgets to figure out what accounts/campaigns need your attention to keep you on pace.

Have questions about getting started with AdStage's pacing solution? Feel free to reach out to us at

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