Group By allows you to roll up performance data to any level or attribute, for example, headline, image, or network. Aggregate information across accounts or networks without needing to export and pivot. Find the dropdown in the Filter and Group tab of AdStage's cross-network widgets.

How does it work?

Select which level or attribute you'd like to roll up data to, and Group By will combine any data that shares that same attribute.

What are some common ways to use Group By?

Analyze headline performance across your search networks: Use the same headlines across Google Ads and Bing? See how each headline performs overall by combining performance data from any ads, cross-network, that have the same headline.

Report on segmented data rolled up to a higher level: Need to filter your data by naming convention, but want to see the rolled up results? Filter by campaign name, then group by account name to see only the filtered list of campaigns rolled up to each account they live in.

How do I get started with Group By?

Step 1: First decide what you want to roll up. In this example, we'll roll up all Facebook ads that have the same image.

Step 2: Open up a table, pie, or any time series widget (bar, line, area). Set the 'show me' to 'ads'. That way we can group by any ad level attributes like image, headline, url, etc.  

Step 3: Next set the 'from the following' to 'networks - Facebook' or any other selection of Facebook data.

Step 4: Jump into the Filters and Group tab. Scroll to the bottom of the builder until you find the Group By dropdown. Set the field to 'image'. Click Save.

Step 5: Now you'll see all the performance data from any ads that use that image.

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