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Introducing Amazon Advertising, Pinterest Ads, YouTube, Spotify Ads, and Quora Ads
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As paid marketers ourselves we’re excited about the growth of marketing channels beyond Google and Facebook. Amazon has become a behemoth in shopping, Spotify launched a scalable audio ad product, and Quora has exploded as a new source for “intent-based” search traffic. 

While exciting, all these new channels mean more work for the paid marketing team. Each new test is another side project, a set of manual reminders to pull data, and custom reports that need to be set up for your peers or clients. 

With our latest update, AdStage has added five new paid channels to our cross-network report widgets. No need to pay for another data connector, set up new data sources, and create custom metrics. Just simply link your ad accounts and let AdStage take care of the data visualization you need so you can measure performance and share results.

Now supporting...

  1. Amazon Ads

  2. Pinterest Ads

  3. Spotify Ads

  4. Quora Ads

  5. YouTube Ads 

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