Yes, we currently support white labeling (automatically). We automatically place your company name to your web dashboard URL and use your account email as a default when you share your Reports.

Want to make a few changes? No problem. Just follow the steps below.

The subdomain of the Web Dashboard URL is set to your company name within your Profile settings.

  • Simply change or update your company name to update the Report Web Dashboard URL. After a 24hr period, all your Dashboard URLs will show your new company name. 

Log out, then log into Report to see the new name will take effect.
All historical dashboards will update with the new Company Name value.

2. The shared email Report "From" address

You can customize the "From" address when sending Report dashboards via email. 

  • Easily overwrite/update the default address with the email address you would like to have the Report originate from.

Additional ways to customize Reports:

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