Google Analytics can be utilized in two main pieces of AdStage:

Build Google Analytics performance views in AdStage Report

  • Use the Google Analytics direct widgets to bring in your website traffic data. 

With these widgets, you can report on:

  • Campaign Performance

  • Geo Performance

  • Goals by Day

  • Search Term Performance

We built a Google Analytics organic traffic template to help get you started with the Google Analytics direct widgets. Follow this link to kick the template off in your AdStage account. As a heads-up, you may need to adjust the property view to get the most out of the template.

Use your Google Analytics data in tandem with AdStage Join

  • Build Join tasks to connect GA goals back to the paid data they came from. Once the goals are connected back to your paid data, you can use the new metrics in AdStage Report, Automate, AdStage for Google Sheets, and the universal API. 

  • Join is an add-on product at $299/mo. Learn more here.

Feel free to reach out to for questions on using Google Analytics in AdStage.

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