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Dive deeper into analysis with Group By, Ad Creative improvements for PDF, and more sorting options in Report
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Perform Powerful Analysis with Group By

We wanted to take our dashboarding product, Report, to the next level for analysis. We saw that our customers used AdStage to view the attributes of their campaigns, ad groups, and ads. We decided to add the ability to also group entities by these attributes in order to view their aggregated performance.Β 

Now you can roll up data to any level or attribute with Group By. Use it to group ads that use a certain image in order to see how the images performed in aggregate. Similar story with search ad headlines. Use the same headlines across audiences? Roll up the data to see how certain headlines perform without needing to use pivot tables.

PDF Improvements

We listened when our customers told us the PDF experience needed work. We reworked the Ad Creative widget to be more visually appealing in PDF format. There's still some work to be done, but we're confident these improvements will be a big win.

Sorting Options on the All Dashboards Page

Unveiling the data a marketer needs is always top of mind here at AdStage, and that's why we wanted to make the All Dashboards page more accessible by letting all column headers be sortable.

Stay in the Loop

Keep an eye out for product updates when you login to AdStage. Simply click the bell icon to see what’s new and visit our Product Updates page in the Help Center.Β 

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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