We have updated AdStage to accommodate some changes recently made by Facebook. Specifically, Facebook has removed a number of older metrics like Relevance Score. In addition, we updated the AdStage cross-network Conversion metric definitions. 

There is no action required on your part however based on these changes you may choose to update some Report Widgets or Automate Tasks.     


  1. Relevance Score - Facebook removed Relevance Score and announced new metrics that will be rolling out over time to replace it. The new relevance metrics are not yet available in the Facebook API and thus are not available in AdStage. We hope to add these soon.

  2. Old Conversion Pixel Conversions - You Facebook old timers will remember that back in early 2017 Facebook rolled out their newer Facebook pixel to replace the original Conversion pixel. They have now sunset the old pixel and all related conversions. We have removed the old Facebook Conversions and their related metrics.

  3. Facebook Direct: Channel Specific “Cost Per” Metrics -  Facebook breaks out the Facebook Pixel Standard Events into three channels, Web, Mobile and Offline. Until today Facebook would also calculate the Cost Per Conversion for each channel. Facebook announced earlier in the year that they will remove the channel breakout for the Cost Per Conversion metric and they have. Now, when using Facebook Direct widgets, there is only a single Cost Per Conversion for each Standard Event.

    : If you are using the AdStage cross-network data we will continue to create a Facebook Standard Event Cost per Conversion metric for each channel.

  4. Facebook Direct Issue [BUG] - If using a Facebook Direct widget you will not see any data for the new Cost per Conversion for Standard Events mentioned above. This is a bug in the Facebook API and we are working with Facebook to resolve this issue.

  5. Updating the definition of “Conversion” in AdStage -  AdStage creates normalized cross-network metrics called Conversions, Cost per Conversion, and Conversion rate. This contains data from all the Search and Social networks we support. Due to the Facebook metric changes we have updated the definition to now use the sum of all your Facebook Pixel Standard Events.

    Note: As a reminder, if you’d like to create your own Conversion metrics that combine specific Facebook Standard Events or Custom Conversions you can create an AdStage Calculated Metric.

Facebook Metric Update FAQs

What about old Report dashboards that used the old metrics? 

One of the great things about our Report product is that old reports are stored in the state they were at the time they were generated. So all old reports that have older metrics will be unaffected. 

What about current dashboards that have these metrics? 

We audited over 500K Report widgets and only around 1% our clients are using these older metrics in current widgets. If you are using these metrics, your dashboard will generate normally and simply show a zero for the affected metrics. We recommend editing the affected widgets and choosing a new metric.

I use AdStage’s cross-network Conversion metric in my Reports. What happens to my dashboards?

Since we’re changing the definition of a cross-network Conversion for Facebook we’ll automatically update the AdStage Conversion metric as defined in #4 above. Over the next week we’ll be updating your historic Conversion data using the new definition.

Facebook announced some new Standard Events. Where are they?

Facebook did announce a handful of new FB Pixel Standard Events but they have yet to be added in the Facebook API. We’re nagging Facebook to add them but until they do we have to wait. 

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