Follow the below instructions to query Google Analytics data in the AdStage for Google Sheets add-on.

Step 1:
Add {"provider", "google_analytics"} to your formula.

Step 2: Include the targets parameter and entity ID. Looks like this {"targets", "/network/google_analytics/profile/71902195"}

Find the entity ID by jumping into Google Analytics and finding the account number underneath the property view. Looks like this:

Step 3: Include metrics and dimensions from this resource. Popular examples are ga:sourceMedium, ga:sessions, ga:goalCompletionsAll, ga:newUsers.

Example formula:

=campaigns("last 7 days", {"ga:sourceMedium", "ga:sessions", "ga:goalCompletionsAll", "ga:newUsers"}, {"provider", "google_analytics"}, {"targets", "/network/google_analytics/profile/71902195"}, {"dimensions", "ga:sourceMedium"})

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