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AdStage for Google Sheets Template Library
AdStage for Google Sheets Template Library
Ready-made Google Sheets templates using the AdStage for GSheets add-on
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Start Building Sheets

If you're a Google Sheets wizard, then the documentation should provide enough info to start building powerful reports in Sheets. If you're an apprentice wizard, we've created a few templates to kick start your AdStage for Google Sheets work.

Simply open the template, make your own copy, and start building reports.

Getting Started with AdStage for Google Sheets
Quickly learn the basics of the add-on with this template. Includes an example monthly budget pacing sheet for you to adapt to your accounts.

Cross Channel Reporting Template
Quickly understand your cross-channel metrics, including top accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.

A/B Testing Report
It's time to be a data scientist. Run quick z-method hypothesis A/B tests on specific Ads and Campaigns to determine winners.

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