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What do errors in Automate mean?
What do errors in Automate mean?
Automate Errors Log
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Errors can happen for a few different reasons. The most common occurrence is when the max bid or budget has been reached. For example, if your Automate task is set up to activate a paused ad set, you may hit an error if your daily or lifetime budget for this ad set has already been reached. Other errors may occur when running Automate tasks on campaigns that have a start date in the future.

To give you more context we've included three helpful icons:

  • Check mark icon {Left} - Indicates how many actions succeeded (Ex: 7 actions succeeded)

  • " i " icon {Middle} - Indicates errors limited by bid or budget (Ex: 0)

  • " x " icon {Right} - Actions failed (Ex: 0)

To see if you've hit any errors you can jump into your "Last Log" to check-in on your task.

If you're having any trouble with errors, or have any other task-related questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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